Ok, let’s face it – real-time multiuser web-connected applications cannot only be hard to build, but they are also hard to maintain and scale as more people use them. But there’s a superhero out there who can rescue all developers from this dilemma. His name? Union Cloud 2.0.

Union Cloud 2.0 is our latest cloud service for the new Union Platform 2.0, the next generation of the acclaimed real-time web-connected application development platform. It features the new server clustering API as well as the JavaScript framework called Orbiter.

Now developers can quickly and easily cluster as many Union Server instances as they’d like, providing practically unlimited scalability for users. And Orbiter allows developers to use JavaScript even for server-side coding, how about that?

For the full scoop on Union Platform 2.0, you can read about it right here.

Sign up for professionally hosted and supported Union Cloud service from Influxis at http://unioncloud.io/

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