Have you ever tried provisioning a TURN server and all that goes with it to make it production ready and fault tolerant? It is quite a bit of work, and other than using WebRTC application platforms, it remains a challenge to deploy and manage your own STUN and TURN server infrastructure.

In WebRTC enthusiast Tsahi Levent-Levi’s article on nojitter.com, he addressed the need for someone to step up and provide WebRTC infrastructure. It’s truly a requirement for anyone wanting to deploy a global WebRTC application or service, and it can be difficult to do it right.

This is where XirSys comes in, a WebRTC hosting company from the Streaming RTC experts at Influxis.  XirSys provides WebRTC Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), turning your STUN and TURN server challenges into easy WebRTC services and applications.

XirSys, new service from Influxis introducing professionally managed scalable hosting for WebRTC TURN servers.
XirSys, new service from Influxis, provides a professionally managed and supported , scalable infrastructure for WebRTC TURN servers, related services and applications.

We are all very excited about it and CEO Richard Blakely spoke about it at the WebRTC Conference & Expo in Atlanta in June, and will be speaking at the Santa Clara event in November 2013. Richard mentioned, “The potential of where this technology will go is very exciting to us, and we are glad to help developers manage their WebRTC server requirements.” Check out the press release for more info about the beta and production launch date.

WebRTC Conference & Expo
WebRTC Conference & Expo

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