Don’t you just love it when you know you’re in the right business at the right time? Bring out your choice of bubbly or favorite brew and celebrate the bright future of video streaming! The recent TechCrunch article by Ingrid Lunden highlighted Strategy Analytics’ projection that the mobile data traffic will grow by whopping 300% by 2017. And what’s more impressive is that besides browsing itself, video streaming will take up most of this data traffic increase.

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As the mobile carriers continue to build out their fast LTE networks, the data-intensive video streaming is becoming more feasible for content providers. The mobile OS advancement is also fueling this impressive growth of mobile streaming by offering video-optimized iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry platforms.

I believe the desire of people wanting to watch their favorite videos on the go was always there. It’s just that the technology wasn’t available to quench it, until now. As I can tell by simply observing my family, once you’ve experienced the “magic” of watching your favorite videos on your mobile devices, there’s no going back.

And our Influxis customers are no exception. They no longer consider mobile streaming as just another option for their streaming initiatives but an essential element of an overall strategy. And we heard them. We recently launched a new customer portal that integrates mobile streaming solutions, so our customers can easily stream video, both VOD and live, to all media devices, including mobile devices – PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and others.

Is your mobile streaming initiative up to par with the market expectation?

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