VidCon 2013 was an awesome experience! This was Influxis’ first year to sponsor the event, and it was nothing short of amazing. YouTube stars and content creators abound plus thousands upon thousands of fans (tons of teenagers, a few parents and a smattering of industry execs) gave the event a vibrant, energized feel. People came from all over the United States and also from other countries such as the U.K. and even Australia. There were a lot of exhibitors with really cool booths, great people and sweet giveaways, plus an area for arcade games, padded gladiator battles and inflated jumpers. Several booths did on location video interviews and shows. There also long lines for fans to meet their YouTube idols, plus no one can forget Shark Week’s giant shark in the middle of the room that crunched anything in its jaws with 20,000 pounds of pressure.

Shark Week’s mechanical shark which chewed through anything put in it’s mouth – a rusty old bike, a jet-ski, even SourceFed’s couch.

On the mainstage on Day 1, in-between such Youtube greats as iJustine and Rebecca Black, Influxis had a web-robotic, twitter-powered Plinko board that when the chip dropped in a given spot, the host would dunk one of two YouTube stars, or both stars if it landed on the ‘X’! The crowd voted for which slot it would drop using Twitter. The robotic chute would move to slot with the most votes and release the chip. VidCon donated $1 to clean water via The Thirst Project for every vote. Watch the videos here.

Many people lined up to get their Influxis tattoo and a pair of Influxis 8-bit sunglasses. Some played our Influxis Plinko board and won an Influxis t-shirt or our 8-bit sunglasses (Minecraft style).



We also sponsored a live streaming hat-cam, and we went throughout the Exhibit floor interviewing the crowds about their experience and several exhibitors about what they offer.

Matthew wearing the Influxis Hat-cam to bring the action live to those at home.
Matthew wearing the Influxis Hat-cam to bring the action live to those at home.

People were having a great time, and were so excited to meet their YouTube star favorites. Here’s a video of the opening fan rush to the signature tables on Day 2:

You can see here some of the photos from the event:

IMG_2766 IMG_2790  IMG_2788  IMG_2762

IMG_2761 IMG_2794 IMG_2795 IMG_2786 IMG_2798 IMG_2797 IMG_2796 IMG_2804 IMG_2789 IMG_2801 IMG_2800 IMG_2793 IMG_2777 IMG_2758 IMG_2778 IMG_2773 IMG_2763 IMG_2764 IMG_2799 IMG_2775 IMG_2784 IMG_2785 IMG_2765 IMG_2783 IMG_2774 IMG_2806 IMG_2805



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  1. Influxis Matthew

    Was a great experience! Met a lot of cool people and got to roam around the hat cam =).


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