In March 2014, the Hague University of Applied Science conducted a workshop titled “Real-Time Multiuser Web Applications: Introduction,” where its students learned the concepts and practicalities of designing and developing multiuser applications for the Web. It was facilitated by James Field, Senior Lecturer in Digital Media at the University of Lincoln, and Union Cloud sponsored the event with its cloud server infrastructure.


The short intensive workshop allowed the students to test and see their applications working in a real world environment. If Union Cloud had not provided its services, the students would have needed to use their local server and install the software on each computer, using up precious workshop time, while only providing a local testing environment. Instead, Union Cloud allowed the students to forgo the tedious setup process, and not only were they able to communicate directly with a robust hosted server via the Internet, but they were also connected with one another’s computers, enabling them to complete the hands-on introductory workshop. Through this first-of-a-kind workshop at the university, Field was able to demonstrate the advantages of using Union Cloud for multiuser Web application development and encouraged the students to further develop their applications and showed them how they could use Union Cloud for testing and deployment.


“The Union Cloud Server worked magnificently. Whilst we may not have been pushing their capabilities, the server handled everything speedily and as expected, “ commented Field.

For more information, go to Union Cloud.

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