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The next update to TVStation2 is finally out. This version has several bug fixes, new features, and a new viewer skin.  Here is a rundown of all the changes:

The following issues have been resolved:

  1. [admin] Category in admin settings was resetting when settings were saved.
  2. [viewer] When selecting a channel with no list the SharedObject saved channel feature creates a bug.
  3. [viewer] Video controls next works but doesn’t highlight next item.
  4. [viewer] Video controls previous does not work.
  5. [viewer] When changing channels on the viewer sometimes the activity events would not come in resulting in no playback. This was more noticeable when specifying a specific channel to connect to.
  6. [viewer] The aspect sizing isn’t working properly at times when streaming live.
  7. [viewer] Mute bar still doesn’t come off sometimes when you roll off screen.
  8. [viewer] The close(x) but in the viewer is not displaying correctly when only one panel is available.
  9. [viewer] Seek scrubber acts weird when changing or seeking media.
  10. [admin]  The launch viewer button was not working.

The following changes have been made:

  1. [viewer] Control fade now responds to screen roll over/out.
  2. [both] Wirecast is now fully supported.
  3. [viewer] StylesLoader api has been removed.
  4. [viewer] A reconnect prompt has now been added when the connection is dropped.
  5. [viewer] The tabs can now be ordered using the settings api.
  6. [viewer] Channel order can now be customized through the settings api.
  7. [both] OnDemand content can now be ordered through the playlists in the Media tab on the admin.
  8. [viewer] Chat has been moved into the tabs.
  9. [both] User profile has been taken out temporarily.
  10. [admin] Broadcast settings are now saved.
  11. [admin] Auto login can now be configured through FlashVars/settings.xml.
  12. [admin] Start/Stop TVStation has been moved to appear only in settings and channels tab.
  13. [admin] Broadcast icon from the live tab was changed.
  14. [both] Skins and display have been optimized for better performance.
  15. [viewer] All new skin.
  16. [viewer] Scheduled content can now be paused and rewound.
  17. [viewer] Guide toggle has been moved to control bar.
  18. [viewer] Buffer icon added between media changes.
  19. [both] Labels XML has been updated to reflect changes.
  20. [both] Documentation and help tab have been updated to reflect changes.
  21. [viewer] Bottom right display has been removed.
  22. [viewer] Videos are now clickable when a URL is assigned to them.
  23. [viewer] Rolling over the title displays the description, if available.

The update is available now through the Influxis Wizard. Get it while it’s hot.

7 Responses to “TVStation2 version 0.6.1 Released!”

  1. Rick

    I like the way you moved the chat function! Looks good!

  2. admin

    Thanks, man! We just keep listening to suggestions from our customers like you to make it better. Keep the ideas coming….

  3. Dewitt

    My TV station hasn’t worked for 3 weeks. Could the problem be that it’s still operating on the older version. How do update my TV Station to version 0.6.1? Please help!

  4. Joebear

    Contact customer support they should be able to get you going again :)

  5. Mike

    It makes no sense that influxis is a hosting provider, then in the TV demo has youtube videos
    WTF ?
    I want to get away from youtubes logo asap

    • admin

      Thanks for the observation! The YouTube videos just show that YouTube can be imported. If you have your own content, you can use your own logo as well and place it on any corner of the screen, or have no logo at all. You may also do live broadcasting. Hope this helps. Thanks again for taking the time to comment, and if you would like to discuss how this application can work for your needs specifically, our friendly Sales team can talk you through (email or call 661-775-3936 between 9am – 6pm Pacific Time).

  6. Goran

    Only issue i see with using youtube videos is they have there own ads embedded on the bottom which could be a conflict if your trying to sell your own ad space, Only way around it is to convert the youtube vids as your own then upload which can be time consuming…

    All in all the demo version runs great and looks like a great app


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