The next update to TVStation is finally here. This version fixes several bugs while introducing some new functionality.

Here is a break down of what version 0.5.2 includes:



TVStation Viewer
TVStation Viewer

Display: The display would break when collapsing the bottom panel if player, schedule, and media information were all showing simultaneously.

Start Up: Black background would stick or experience very clunky start on the viewer.

Volume Scrubber: If you roll out of volume button slowly it does not make scrubber disappear.

Mute: Setting mute when an item was playing was overwritten when the next item played.

Source Files: Fixed the error messages of missing classes when working with the viewer source files.

Video Clearing: Fixed an issue where stream videos were not clearing out and kept playing even though another video was selected.


TVStation Admin
TVStation Admin

Speex Codec: Fixed the speex codec bug.

Live ‘Casters List: When broadcasting live and creating a channel or switching channels, the live casters list would break.

Resizing Playlist: When making the admin interface very small the playlist was not accessible in the media interface.

Block Scheduling: Schedule would break when scheduling daily blocks

Both Admin and Viewer:

Chat History: Chat history was buggy and it would not scroll to the bottom when it started.

Embed Tags: Issues using embed tags have been resolved.

Launch Viewer Button: Using the “Launch Viewer” button on the admin was not working.

Loading Local Assets: When loading local assets it would break the app on the admin and  viewer.

Help Files: Help files on admin would not load at all.

Chat Gap: Fixed the big gap at the bottom in the chat history when it gets too long.

Nothing Playing Image: ‘Nothing playing’ image was not loading when nothing was playing.

Chat URLs: URLs in chat were not working properly.



Performance: Performance has been improved on the viewer.

Advertising: The banner functionality was moved into the player instead of it being at top of video and you can now set a URL to make the banner clickable.


TVStation Admin Chat
TVStation Admin Chat

Re-label: Start broadcast button was relabeled to Start TVstation (too confusing when in live tab admin).

Start Broadcast: When an admin presses the start broadcast button in the Live tab, if there are no active broadcasters the stream will automatically go live.

New Field: The source path field has been added in the media edit field in the media list.

Save Icon: A clock icon has been added to notify admin users when settings are saving.

Optional Channel Login: When creating a new channel the login for that channel is now optional. If you wish not to have a login active for that channel simply clear out the email and password fields. However please note that a login is still required for the default channel0 channel.

Log Out: A logout button was added to the admin.

Both Admin and Viewer:

Word Filter: The word filter functionality was extended. For example if a word is set such as banana the system would catch it if a user was trying to input b.a.n.a.n.a  or ba    na   na.

Emoticons: Added Smileys to chat.

New Chat Menu: Chat now has a new menu system to load or clear chat contents.

User Profiles: Expanded the user list features to include new profile mini system which can be changed when double clicking your name on the list.

Time Stamps: Chat now has user icon and time stamps.

Changing Labels: You can now change the labels without having to recompile via a provided XML file for both the admin and viewer.

API Compatibility: You can now set up API to connect to TVStation without having to authenticate via a new method in the main.asc file.

Search: A new search bar has been added to lists in the viewer and the main media list on the admin. Search videos by title or written content.

If you are on any of the old versions of TVStation2 beta then this update is strongly recommended.  It is available for download now through the Influxis Wizard.

Influxis Wizard: TVStation Download
Influxis Wizard: TVStation Download

Demo the TVStation Viewer here.

Demo the TV Station Admin here.

As always, your feedback is very important to us so if you have any questions, comments, or feature requests, please feel free to contact Influxis support at

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