TVStation2 beta is now available for immediate download for all Influxis customers.

For all those unfamiliar with TVStation, TVStation is an online web application that allows any user to setup and run their own instant television or radio station. Through TVStation users can setup a self made list of pre-recorded content or images and broadcast it to viewers live 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Users can also broadcast live high definition video (through Flash Media Live Encoder) or broadcast live video directly from TVStation itself.Viewers can also text chat among each other while watching their favorite show or listening to their favorite song for a complete interactive experience.

New to this release:

1. Administrator

The first major difference of course is the completely new administrator interface built entirely in Flex. The new interface is a more powerful, efficient, and user friendly then the last version. This makes it setting up a schedule, broadcasting live, or managing settings a snap.

2. Broadcast Engine

This version features a completely new broadcast engine built from ground up and was made to be more efficient and faster than ever before. Included with the new engine is a new scheduling and playlist system which allows you to setup and manage schedules on the fly.

3. Live Engine

The live broadcasting engine has also gone through a big change. Through the new “Live” interface, users can now broadcast high definition video directly from Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder without use of any plug-in API. The new live engine also enables multiple users to broadcast to TVStation. A new casters list is available to switch between all users broadcasting live to TVStation allowing for instant cam switching.

4. Chat

A new chat engine is now also available. The new chat offers a new chat administrator for quick and efficient moderation of the TVStation.

5. Channels

This feature is the biggest addition to this version. Administrators can now setup and manage multiple channels directly from one TVStation instance. No more having to setup painful and confusing FMIS instances. A new login system has been created to separate and protect each channel. Master administrators can setup permissions for each channel for total and complete control of their network.

6. Uploader/Encoding

This version of TVStation also includes a new uploading system (available only with some servers). The new system allows users to upload and encode content directly from within TVStation.The new system encodes files at different rates (selected by the user) to make sure every user gets a smooth experience when watching video. With dynamic streaming built into our new player, the player will automatically switch streams when a user’s bandwidth speed changes. Dynamic streaming makes sure the transition is smooth so the viewer does not notice that a switch has occurred.

7. New Viewer

The old viewer has been rebuilt to provide a faster and a more viewer friendly interface. The new version is also compact to allow customers to embed in smaller areas.

There is much more to come in future releases so keep checking back for new TVStation2 updates. Also, you can find the application home page here and the live demo page here.

As always, your feedback is very important to us so if you have any questions, comments, or feature requests, please feel free to contact Influxis support at Keep checking back for detailed tutorials on using the new administrator.

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