In the June 2013 Ericsson Mobility Report, it stated that mobile video is the largest and fastest growing segment in mobile data traffic, and is expected to grow by around 60 percent every year until the end of 2018. At that point, Ericsson expects mobile video traffic to account for about 50% of total global traffic.

More content and increasingly better network speeds along with larger device screens and better resolutions are credited with driving the growth of video consumption. Content not only includes premium and user generated VOD, but also multi-user collaborative live streaming, in terms of video conferencing on mobile devices, as well as file sharing.

The fact that mobile video has so much room to grow is evidenced by the fact that many premium content owners are only just now encoding/transcoding their media to be mobile friendly. Case in point is the NFL and Verizon teaming up to stream football beyond just smartphones, but to all mobile devices including tablets.

The NFL and sports in general have a gold mine of video content, from archives to live events, including not only games but offseason stuff too. And they are indicative of the entire network television industry only beginning to awaken to the potential of the mobile device screens.

Yes, folks, if you’re in this business of mobile video, then you’re taking part in the 21st century gold rush.


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