As expected, the latest stats for YouTube are staggering. More than one billion people watch YouTube. Four billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day, which translates into six billion hours of videos viewed per month. 300 hours of new videos are uploaded every minute. An average of one billion YouTube videos are viewed on mobile devices every day. 82% of the Gen Z (ages 14 ~ 17) and 72% of the Millennials use YouTube regularly.*

It’s almost impossible to get our heads around these gargantuan numbers. But one thing is clear: YouTube is now woven into the very fabric of our modern life, whether we like it or not. So, the question I pose next may sound illogical, or downright stupid. But let’s think about it for a moment.

The question is: Why do you still have your videos on YouTube?

All those numbers above are beyond impressive. But at the same time, they also tell the story of “the content bubble”. On top of YouTube, when you add all the content available on Facebook and OTT (Over-The-Top) services like Netflix and Hulu, this content bubble is bigger than Earth itself.

Given this amazing content landscape, it’s now curation over creation. It’s about being able to watch what you want when you want. For content creators, it’s about putting content in front of the right viewers. And for this reason, people flock to YouTube, for its apparent discoverability. In fact, it’s considered the second largest search engine on the Web.

But considering the sheer number of videos on YouTube, how realistic is it for your little video to be discovered by the masses? In fact, the virality of your video would seem less likely than the discoverability of your website, given that there are many more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) solutions and tools available to get your website in front of the right viewers.

Within this context, it may make sense to host your videos on your own media server network where you have complete control over your content in branding, curation and monetization. Then showcase them prominently on your website just how you want them when you want them. Rather than having it buried among billions of other videos on YouTube, give your video a chance by featuring it on your website that is optimized through SEO to draw the right audience.

So, considering where YouTube is headed, it may be time to declare your “content independence” with your very own custom streaming network!


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