Client: Firstborn, 

About the project:

Sony’s brand message is make.believe; which means that anything you can imagine, you can make real. With the launch of Sony’s latest installment in their Uncharted PlayStation video game franchise, New York digital creative agency, Firstborn, broke an interactive marketing campaign that was able to bring make.believe to life. Uncharted 3™ meets Training Camp turned fans into adventure heroes and let them actually become part of their favorite game.

The first challenge, “One-Liner,” used webcam technology to put fans into the role of the game’s hero, Nathan Drake, who is known for his quick one-liners. Users choose from a variety of action sequences and recorded Drake’s would-be response, bringing their own imagination and creativity to the Uncharted universe.

Powered by Influxis’ professionally managed Adobe Media Interactive Server hosting, the web application automatically overlaid the participant’s lips onto Nathan Drake’s mouth and recorded both the video and audio, creating an entirely new ending for each action sequence. The UGC (User-Generated Content) videos were then delivered for moderation, voting and publishing on YouTube.

Two finalists from the One-Liner challenge were sent to an Uncharted Training Camp in LA, where Nolan North and other Uncharted actors judged them in series of real-life adventure hero challenges. The winner traveled to game development company Naughty Dog Studios in Santa Monica, CA, where they donned a motion-capture suit and helped create a new character for their favorite game.

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