About the project

To promote the fast capture feature of the new Sony Xperia smartphone’s camera, CP+B helped Sony to launch an interactive banner ad in the Scandinavian market called “Catch the Cake Moment”. This interactive marketing allowed web users to log in on Facebook and compete against one another in real-time to capture the best moments of people getting “pied” by a cleverly devised mechanical hand. This unique banner ad was featured on some of the biggest websites in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Influxis provided Dedicated Adobe Media Server hosting for the project’s interactive functionalities, and special Influxis/CDN hybrid network configurations for online video delivery. In addition, Influxis also provided dedicated 24/7 customer support and expert technical consulting for the Facebook-based web application development. The application’s special feature that showed all current players’ cursors (identified with player names) in real-time was powered by Influxis Node.js hosting (http://nodecloud.io/).

“We didn’t have much time to prep for this project, and Influxis was amazingly fast and responsive. Their price was competitive, and they had technical expertise that no one else offers,” commented Rick Valdez, Senior Technical Manager at CP+B.

In just five days, “Catch the Cake Moment” had millions of views and more than 2,000 entries with more than 100 winners who won various Sony products.

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