Traditionally, CES is all about products. But this year, the buzz was all around social media. In Peter Pachal’s article How Social Media Is Changing Consumer Electronics, and CES, he pointed out that almost everything that was showcased had something to do with social media, seemingly the holy grail of all things technology, and if your product was not somehow connected to social media, it was already a dinosaur even before it hit the showroom floor!

As we all know, social media is all about human interactions within the digital domain, and this ironic principle is what makes it so interesting, especially to developers. Because human interactions can be as simple as a hello or as complex as love itself, the very concept of social media continues to push developers to come up with fresh, new and meaningful ways for people to digitally interact. On top of that, social media is no longer a “computer thing”. It has moved on to smartphones and tablets, and if this year’s CES is of any indication, the “connected TVs” will play a major role in the near future, balancing out the social media realm from going mobile to going home!

But among all these different types of hardware, one commonality seems to arise when we consider social media. Video. Even the behemoths of social media like Facebook and Twitter began to incorporate video elements, compared to their humble beginnings of just words and photos. Why? Because our world isn’t just words and images. Motion is life, and in the digital domain, video is life!

So, it’s imperative for developers to take advantage of the cutting edge technologies in video streaming to come up with the next big thing in social media such as getting creative with manipulating video elements in real-time, live streaming with a 360-degree camera, integrating web-remote-controlled robotics, streaming/social media combinations, and secure and scalable private streaming clouds.

How do you think social media and video will be integrated into future electronics?


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