I’m proud to introduce the beta for the SmartMesh Library is finally available to any Influxis customers on FMS Enterprise 4.

Wait, what’s SmartMesh? SmartMesh is a library that allows for easy RTMFP connections, and a NetStream management system.

It’s also more than that. The system helps you manage the following FMS-centric functionality:

  • Very easy Video Chat integration
  • Near & FarID management system using RTMP (which will eventually be a full fledged fail over system)
  • Easy-to-integrate Peer Messaging system which is the very system that has been battle tested by several thousand BattleCell plays
  • Automatically makes all connections and has a SmartMeshEvent system to notify you on Users entering/leaving/status/events

What type of applications will SmartMesh be suited for:

  • Multiperson Video Chat (based on the peer’s up speed limit, that number is generally around 4-5 Video feeds max)
  • Multiplayer Games that benefit from very low latency (see Battlecell)
  • 1-to-few live streams
  • Text chat applications
  • Any interactive application that you want to add real-time multiperson interaction

Examples of 2 applications built with SmartMesh:

Download SmartMesh here

*Note: SmartMesh will only work on Influxis servers.*

Quick setup tutorial:

In order to get up and running, make sure you first have an active Influxis FMS Enterprise 4 account. Then build a new application in the Wizard, but add your own main.swc (which is provided in the SmartMeshBeta.zip).

Open the SmartMeshExample.as and change the _rtmfp and _rtmp paths to point to your new application you made on your server. Make sure you add an “/” at the end of your address in order for the Roomsystem to work properly.

Follow along in the heavily commented SmartMeshExample.as. And experiment! More full game examples are on their way.

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