The Xbox One was announced yesterday, and it looks pretty cool. I might buy one someday. For video chat, it simply included Skype, which makes sense as Microsoft bought Skype some time ago.

Watch the Skype reveal yourself right here, courtesy of IGN:

Xbox One Skype Interface. Source: IGN
Xbox One Skype Interface. Source: IGN

So basically, you can watch a video, tv or play a game and in “snap mode” (the mode where you shrink the screen down to ¾ size) you can also video chat with a friend simultaneously. Not sure how many others can join the party, but there was mention of group chat.

Does group chat mean you and one other person, or can you invite others? Usually in Skype as it stands publicly available today, you have to pay either a single day usage fee or a monthly fee as part of their Premium plan for including 3 parties or more up to 10 in a group video chat which also allows for group screen sharing.

Will others be allowed to see your screen or can they only see you via the Kinect camera? It would be great to watch movies or live TV together or share your favorite music tracks, but would it violate any digital rights? If you own the content, like watching a blu-ray disc together, shouldn’t it be okay?

I love the voice commands but the grand arm/hand gestures are a little much – it’s kind of reminiscent of Iron Man computer systems but not as cool since it doesn’t surround you in 3D holograms. You can tell the Xbox to answer the Skype call or end the call. Can you also tell it to “share screen” or “call Bob”?

And what if you accidentally end the call? “So then I was playing my Xbox when she called me in the middle of playing Halo, and she was so mad because I forgot to call her earlier and then was like ‘Skype end call!’ and then–”


…or do you need to also make the ‘cut it off’ movement with your hands making a slicing action towards your neck like Yusuf Mehdi does in the presentation?



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