A recurring question we have noticed in support is how to set Wirecast to stream through your Influxis account.

Follow these steps to get Wirecast working for you:

  1. Log into your Influxis Wizard account.
  2. Download the Influxis FMEWebViewer application from the Pre-built Applications section.
  3. Upload the content of the downloaded .zip file onto your web host.
  4. Open Wirecast on your machine.
  5. Click on the Broadcast tab and enter the “Broadcast Settings” <Ctrl + Y>
  6. Within the Broadcast Settings panel click on the Encoder Preset dropdown and select the one of the seven Flash presets.
  7. In the “Destination” dropdown make sure the field is set to RTMP Flash Server.
  8. Within the “Address” field please insert the RTMP connection path corresponding to your Influxis account (rtmp://XXXXXX.rtmphost.com/FMEWebViewer).
  9. The “Stream” field sets the stream name used for your broadcast which can be any name.
  10. From the “User Agent” dropdown select FMLE/3.0
  11. Click “Save”
  12. Click on the Broadcast tab, then “Network Broadcast” and click Start All or a specific saved preset.



If you require further help, always feel free to contact us at support@influxis.com.

Special Thanks to our partners at Telestream!


3 Responses to “Setting Wirecast to Stream with Influxis”

  1. Cezar

    Ok, that works for FME.

    But I discovered that there is a problem when we stream to TV2beta using Wirecast.

    If an user is watching the live stream on the web browser, and he/she lost connection or need to refresh the page, the audio and video is lost. The only way the user that refreshed the page get the signal back is after the administrator of TV2beta disable and enable again the stream on tle live tab of the channel being transmitted.

    But, if you don’t use TV2beta, you can use wirecast to stream live to other apps and directories, including FMEWebViewer.

    I have some customers that need live stream on TV2, but it is only working with FLME, not with Wirecast.
    But Wirecast is much more suitable and has many advantages to broadcast live events to TV channels.

    I hope Influxis and Wirecast check this and provide a solution for these great produts to work together.


    • chris

      Have you come up with a solution for this as mine has stopped working all together. It did work then stops working every week.

  2. chris

    I found a solution to this problem it is the audio Codec AAC which causes this problem. you have to change your streaming settings to VPC not H.264 or what ever those are meant to be. This then gives you the option to stream the audio as MP3 and then this works on all browsers.


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