Graeme Bull, website owner and FMS tutorial video creator, has kindly provided permission to Influxis to use some of his Flash Media Server tutorial videos in our TVStation 2.0 application demo.

Click below picture to go to the TVStation player. For best viewing, click full screen icon on the video player or toggle the chat/info panel.

Click to See FMSGuru Channel

All videos seen here can also be found on, plus many others.

Graeme’s videos include in this TVStation 2.0 channel include:

  • Tutorial #3: The basics of NetStreams and playing prerecorded FLV files
  • Tutorial #8: The basics of the Camera object and sending a live stream to the server
  • Tutorial #10: Dynamically loading the server settings
  • Tutorial #13: Taking advantage of the new SWF Verification functionality of FMS3
  • Tutorial #15: Basics of streaming an MP3 file with Flash Media Server
  • Tutorial #16: Best Practices for the Basics of Development with Flash Media Server (Part 1)
  • Tutorial #17: Taking advantage of the native bandwidth checking functionality of FMS3
  • Tutorial #18: Creating a Basic Chat Application with Flash Media Server and Flash
  • Tutorial #25: The Basics of Working with FMLE and FMS

Much thanks again to the FMSGuru Graeme!

One Response to “See FMSGuru’s Tutorial Videos on Influxis TVStation 2.0 Beta”

  1. Nicolas

    Hi FMSGuru,

    I’m looking for a special feature on TVStation. This feature is a different user list management.
    I want to know if we can choose an user in the list to allow him to chat?
    In fact, I’m interested in a little different user list management. At the user connexion, he can’t chat and only the administrator/creator of the channel can allow him to chat. We can imagine checkboxes in front of each user name to choose if this user can chat or not.

    Is this feature exists?
    Or is it possible to find someone to code this feature?

    Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.
    Best regards,
    Nicolas Peguin


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