We’ve all known Flash has been on its way out for quite some time now, watching RTMP streaming drastically decline over the years, and as Streaming Media just posted yesterday, most, if not all, of the major CDN’s have either already stopped supporting RTMP or will be soon.

But RTMP has one major benefit over all other streaming protocols – very low latency – which means it’s still valuable and relevant for today’s use cases such as gaming, auctions, gambling, and good old fashioned live streaming.  So until something else can fill the ultra low latency void, there is still a great need for RTMP.

The good news is – Influxis can help!  We still offer RTMP ingest with large-scale global delivery, so you can easily transition your RTMP traffic from your CDN provider.  We also provide the lowest latency in the industry – sub-second RTMP and 3-5 second HLS streaming – along with support for all other streaming protocols (HLS, HDS, DASH, RTSP, RTCP, and RTP) so we can help if you decide to make the switch away from RTMP.

We know RTMP is still important and many of you still depend on it, so if you received the RTMP death notice from your CDN provider and are not sure what to do, please contact us and we would love to help you!  http://influxis.com/contact-rtmp/


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