Netflix just released its first 4K video. Apparently it’s just an 8-minute long travel footage from Mexico, but the industry is taking notice. Why?

Because 4K is the next big thing in digital media. The tech world doesn’t stand still. It’s always upping itself with newer and better technologies. It was not too long ago when people were talking about 2K, which is basically 1080p. And now, it’s all about 4K. And guess what? Some trailblazers are already working on 6K. A great example would be Real-Time Immersion, our tech partner who provides unique solutions with proprietary panoramic camera systems. They’ve actually gone beyond 6K and boast a 9K camera in their portfolio!

But what about the consumers? Technologies are only as good as how their consumers embrace them. After all, somebody has to pay for it! Are the consumers ready for all this “K-business”? Are they willing to shell out their hard-earned money to upgrade their hardware to enjoy UHD (Ultra-HD) content?

My answer is, eventually yes. But I think the tech world is moving a little too fast for the consumers to catch up. And, our eyes can appreciate the whole Ultra-HD experience only to a point. Even with those who are blessed with 20/20 vision or better, the difference between 4K and 6K may not warrant the cashing out a wallet-full of Ben Franklins.

Are we ready for 4K video?

When you think about it, it’s a moot question. It’s already here.


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