Influxis offers the best way to stream - the way you want. Stream video, audio or data. Stream your content with any compatible application, in any format, at any bitrate, from any camera to any platform or device to any place in the world. And if you ever need any help, you have the support of a whole team of streaming experts at your service - just ask.

Live Streaming & Recording

  • Instantly set up and manage multiple live-streams.
  • Automatically record your live broadcasts, and then archive them in your video gallery.
  • Stream live from mobile to mobile devices.
  • Share your live stream across your social media networks.
  • Embed the live stream video player in your website.
  • Encode your live stream with FMLE, Wirecast, Teradek or others.

Video Content Management System

  • Unlimited automatic encoding upon upload at no extra charge, or use SFTP for pre-encoded file upload.
  • Set multiple encoding preferences including mp4, WebM, h.264, VP8 for video, and AAC, mp3 or Vorbis for audio.
  • Playback and manage both source and encoded videos in easy-to-view thumbnail gallery.
  • Embed videos anywhere with automatically generated iFrames.

Dashboard & Control Panel

  • Upload, encode, manage and share your videos.
  • Live-stream instantly from the dashboard and archive for on-demand.
  • View at-a-glance or detailed analytics.
  • Automatically encode your videos in multiple bitrates for dynamic streaming.
  • Use the Dev Center for FTP access, API information, tools and encoding profiles.

Robust API

  • For the developer who wants to upload, encode and manage media files within custom desktop and mobile applications.
  • Includes a REST API providing access to several Influxis service capabilities.
  • Encode to any format for mobile and desktop delivery, including HDS and HLS.

Advanced Options

  • The Influxis Portal is simply where you start. If you need a custom solution, our team can accommodate you.
  • Ultra-low latency - we can optimize your account for sub-second connectivity.
  • Custom global networks - let us know if you need any special set up or combination of servers such as Edge/Origin or clusters.

Reliability Guaranteed

  • Industry-leading 99.99% uptime guaranteed.
  • Professionally-managed global streaming network.

Concierge Support

  • Expert technicians on call 24/7 to manage your servers.
  • We are available to help you at any point - just pick up the phone or email us.
  • With over a decade of experience, we've got the answers you need.
  • We work as an extension of your team from ideation to implementation.