The smart folks at Pipe Dream Technologies has recently launched their much anticipated file transfer solution, simply called “Pipe”, hoping to revolutionize how we transfer files online. The Berlin-based startup had a very clear idea: Make file transfer as easy as possible. And that, they did.

With all the back-end magic aside, the user experience is simple. You open your Facebook page, launch the Pipe app, find your friend, drop a file, up to 1 GB (yep, that’s with a “G”), into the pipe-looking interface, and you’re done. On your friend’s side, a link pops up, and when he clicks it, yes, Pipe appears and delivers the file. Now, if your friend is offline, your file is stored in a, yes, locker until he comes online and retrieves the file from it. Everything is intuitive and almost game-like, along with the whole look of the app that unmistakably prompts you to think of the beloved Nintendo game where a pair of Italian brothers jump in and out of, yes, pipes.

Pipe UI

Along with the beautifully simple interface, the inner workings is a beauty in and of itself. The file transfer completely bypass Facebook and is done peer-to-peer, which means it’s private and secure.

Now, if it only came with those 80s inspired arcade game sounds….

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