Gone are the days of standard robotic tech support. Here at Influxis, we pride ourselves in our drive for innovation—in the developmental realm and in every other aspect of our company culture. As of late, my colleagues and I are adopting a new approach: hands-on, quality customer service care. Is tech support included in this package? Without a doubt, but we’re making it a friendlier, easier, and better overall experience not only for the customers, but for ourselves!

When you invest yourself in your work and goals, you do them more effectively in addition to loving every minute of it. This benefits both parties, as the customers and employees alike feel like they’ve walked away from an interaction with more than they entered with; it’s got “Win-Win” written all over it. With our refined approach to helping our clients, the Influxis spirit inside and outside of the office is thriving.

We now dedicate several hours each week to tailoring our approach to providing service through understanding every one of our customers’ needs. The crew and I gather in our conference room in which we take turns hosting weekly presentations on various topics including customer retention, providing excellent service, and going the extra mile. Among the various ideas we’ve been considering implementing include providing real-time walk-throughs of our website and services to individuals who are not as savvy as the average developer. An appointment-based service such as this one will allow non-developers and developers alike to utilize the incredible technology that is Influxis.

In just a short time implementing all of our sharpened skills, we’ve had very positive results from our clients. Excellent feedback, happy tweets, and personal emails are just a few of the great responses we’ve had from beyond-satisfied customers. Here’s how some of our customers feel about Influxis just this month!

“Great, thanks for that, I am loving the support here – it’s past 1am here and you are keeping us going :)”

–Richard F., Big Orange Software

“Thanks for all the help, you represent by far the most helpful support system I’ve ever worked with in any company! Major props…”

–Jeff B., www.djalphi.com

“You’ve spent a lot of time with me, which I greatly appreciate. Give me your direct number & I will place an order with you directly next time. Or is there any other way I can express my appreciation?”


No, we don’t earn commission for our sales. We serve our customers well because it makes us and them feel good. Good customer service entails going out of your way, sometimes staying late, and even helping non-paying prospective customers with more difficult issues than a paying customer may have. If you are an employer or employee, I highly recommend lighting the customer service spark in your business. It makes things a whole lot more enjoyable.

At your service,

Michael Kashiktchian (michael@influxis.com)

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