Faces – 2-to-Many Video Chat Application

Have fun with a new 2-to-many multiway app developed by our in-house Influxis development team!


Faces is an application that broadcasts two live streams to any size audience.

How it works:

Video publishing is first come first serve:

This means that a user is able to publish their camera to the audience only if there is a publishing window available.  If there is not an available publishing window, the user is ONLY able to watch the feeds until one of the 2 publishers stops publishing. A publisher can easily stop their camera by pressing the ‘Stop Publishing’ button in the center of the bar menu at the bottom.

Swapping Video View:

The user can swap the Video Views from the small video view to the large video view by simply clicking on them. When clicked, the video in the large view will swap with the video in the small view.

Cam and Mic Settings:

The publisher can click on the settings icon from the bottom menu bar to control the quality of the Camera and the Microphone being streamed. In the settings dialog box, they can choose between a High, Medium or Low presets or they can click “Custom” for finer tuning.

User Count:

The application keeps track of how many users are watching the session.


The mute button mutes the audio coming in from the two video streams.

Full Screen:

The Full Screen button on the right simply uses the full screen feature of the Flash Player.


A version with Chat

A version for Flex.

The Faces application was designed to be a simple and light-weight 2-to-many live video streaming application.  When we planned this application the idea was to make it very simple.  We wanted to focus on the most basic needs and features of the application ONLY.  This foundation lends itself to a lot of possibilities on the direction of the application.

For example, one idea can be to make the application allow a single Publisher use both video streams so the Publisher can stream two different cameras of themselves to everyone.  The Publisher might have one camera aimed at their computer screen and another aimed at his or herself, allowing the viewers to switch between the broadcast of the Publisher’s screen and one of the Publisher themselves. This is just one example of many we have played with while developing this app.  As the foundation of the application is tested and streamlined it will have better stability and will also serve as an example of good FMS coding practices for developers.

The application is currently available from the application section of the Influxis Wizard.  Just log into your Influxis Account and download it for immediate use.

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  1. Alex

    Pretty nice, look forward to see it with the chat function!, congrats!

  2. neil

    i don’t see this add in the app list


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