Thought a 3d MMORPG was impossible with flash?  Well think again.  Massiva3d is launching for Beta Testing.

What is Massiva3d?  Massiva3d is a Multiplayer 3d Engine built on top of Away3d.  With Massiva3d any Influxis customer can plug in their own Avatars and City Assets into the Engine and have a fully functional 3d Avatar Chat System running.


Massiva3d also incorporates a new system that takes into account the client’s framerate, and dynamically switches out the 3d Avatars with Sprite2ds.  It also includes Collision Detection, and a rudimentary physics engine.  Massiva3d also takes care of creating new application instances once rooms are too full.


If you are interested in finding out any more information about how to beta test, or if you would just like to see the demo feel free to e-mail us at:

massiva3d (at) influxis (dot) com

Keep on rockin’ in a 3d world.

10 Responses to “Massiva3d For FMS”

  1. Peter

    Nice work, the models look great!
    You’ve got some really talented people there working on that there!

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  3. stef

    Would have been great 5 or 6 years ago. Look at the market as it is now… I agree that technically it must be good, but Google gave up on that, and Second Life is not really a growing company anymore.

  4. seantron

    Thanks Peter!

    And Stef, I understand what you are saying, but I disagree because I think the very reason why Lively failed and Second Life isn’t doing as well because you have to download something to run them. With Massiva3d it’s flash. So it will run in the browser which will make it easier for most people to get into.

    Just putting my 2 cents in (I am very biased since I did make Massiva3d). ;)

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  6. wouldneverguesswho

    As long as this is browser based as stated, you will have little problem with this.

    Ex community manager from a game dev company here, just make sure you market well and make contact with the right people. -ps- one thing to keep in mind while in beta would probably be, with the animation style keeping children from certain potential content so you don’t accused of anything later. such as, allowing children easy accses to adult sex rooms.

    At the behest of Congress, the Federal Trade Commission is looking into children’s access to explicit content in virtual worlds.

    That word comes by way of Virtual Worlds News which spoke to a pair of FTC attorneys last week. The regulatory agency’s report on its findings is scheduled to be presented to Congress in December.

    Keep up the good work and good luck, added to my list of things to watch for 09.

  7. Gil

    I emailed about testing this and got no response. Kinda shitty of you considering I’m already an influxis customer.

  8. Gil

    Oops just realized you have a new post saying its available.

  9. admin


    Sent reply on same day (May 17th). Maybe your spaminator ate it up?

    Anyhow, let us know your thoughts on it. We’d love to get feedback!


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