Influxis made the announcement this week that it has indeed mastered the challenge of low latency HLS achieving 10x the current industry standard.

Read the press release here:
Influxis Offers Low Latency HLS

This means that now real-time video connectivity on iOS and other HLS dependent devices is now as true to real-time as can be. If your business or project requires this ultra low latency HLS, we can help!

More exciting news to come soon. Stay tuned.

2 Responses to “You Thought Low Latency HLS was Impossible? Think Again!”

  1. Kristof Pinnoo

    Please provide me some more info about which components in the E2E-chain you use to provide a low latency (focus on DASH).

    thank you, kind regards

    • Matthew

      We give encoding guidelines to publish the right kind of streams and then we have a custom infrastructure that packages the stream for HLS. We work with CDNs directly to integrate the solution and deliver low latency HLS across the world.


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