Move over, Millennials. There are new kids on the block: Generation Z. Sylvan Lane at Mashable gave a nice overview of this up-and-coming market segment, and one thing stood out:

“Connect viewers with collaboration and live-streaming technology.”

Gen Z is regarded as the smartest generation in history. They are the most tech-savvy and super-connected via the Internet. Some even say, these teens and tweens have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). So, it’s no wonder that live collaboration and streaming would be some of the best tools to reach out to this group of young consumers.

The Gen Z’ers want and expect immediacy in media consumption, when they want it and where they want it, whether sitting behind a monitor or on the go. They are the YouTube generation, consuming snackable content on their mobile devices.

With live collaboration, which is basically multi-way live video/data streaming, you can engage the Gen Z’ers’ creativity, enabling them to create something together via the Internet in real-time. A good example would be Google Chrome Web Lab’s Universal Orchestra where people both onsite and online were able to play instruments in real-time and create music together.

And live-streaming is no brainer. When an important event happens, it’s natural for the Gen Z’ers to want to witness it in real-time. Beyond the traditional live television broadcasting, live-streaming has now become a norm. With a mobile app such as Wowza GoCoder, you can even live-stream straight from your smartphone with a touch of a button and broadcast to the world.

With that said, live-streaming is still difficult to execute perfectly. Just look at the recent live-streaming debacle involving none other than the tech giant Apple. Client-facing apps, whether web-based or mobile, aren’t usually the culprits. The problems, more often than not, lie with the networks that deliver live-streaming videos. It can be as simple as the web hosting network that can’t handle the website traffic, so the users can’t even get to the website. Or, once the users access the website, it can be the media server network that is unable to deliver the video to all the requesting clients.

So, find a tried-and-true streaming expert and reach out to the generation with the greatest potential. Gen Z is waiting, but they aren’t going to wait too long.

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