Here are the 3 samples I presented at the Latin Flash Tour for 2010.  One of the examples takes you through setting up a simple live stream, starting with a simple connection, to using a netStream and finally publishing and playing the actual live stream.  The other two examples focused on interactivity, capturing and playing back data using a netStream and what you can do with that data once you have it.

These are the resources required to use these samples:

FMS 3 and higher (

Flash CS5 (

Hype Framework (



This sample contains three fla’s.  The first one is a sample of a simple connection.  The second one is a sample of that same simple connection with a sample of flash capturing the camera and displaying it.  The third example shows how to use that Camera data and push it to a netStream for live video and also how to play that netStream back so you can see the live feed to and from FMS.


The Char sample shows how to use the “send” method of a netStream to record the volume data that the Microphone class gives, and keyboard data into an FLV file on the Flash Media Server.  Having this information played back from the FLV in sequence showed that you can use that data to control something visual like a puppet.

Like the Char example, the Hype example records the Mouse cursor position when you click down and drag on the stage.  Using the “send” method on the netStream I recorded the x and y data from the mouse and created an FLV with only information, no audio or video.  Knowing that I had that information I used the Hype Framework ( to draw from those coordinates which yield some really impressive results.

The samples are very simple and very basic. They are simply meant to show the potential of using FMS for more than just Video and Audio.

Thanks to everyone in the Latin Countries who showed up at the events.  Thanks Adobe – Lee Brimelow and Enrique Duvos for being awesome guys and putting together this tour.  Last but not least, Grant Garrett, for being a real trooper on this tour.

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