On the night of the Country Music Awards on November 5, Jimmy Kimmel is planning to “appear” on stage in Nashville as a hologram while actually hosting his show at his studio in Hollywood.

Unlike the famous Tupac hologram at Coachella in 2012 which was a recorded content, Jimmy Kimmel’s hologram will be live. Now, any live-streaming is difficult to pull off successfully because there are so many factors involved, so it will be interesting to see how it all goes down with this holographic live-streaming event.

A quick Google search will reveal that the basic principle behind the so-called hologram is quite simple. You can even try it with an old plastic CD case and your smartphone. Here’s how. Detach the cover, flip it around and attach it again, so it sits on the bottom of the case in an angle like shown below. Place your smartphone as shown below and turn on your favorite video. Simply watch it from the acute-angled side. And voila! You have your very own portable hologram.

CD case hologram2

Of course, the hologram that we will see of Jimmy Kimmel will be much more complex and refined than what you have in your hand.

For one, because it is live, there needs to be a real-time solution that automatically “crops out” the background, so that when the hologram is projected on stage in Nashville, it’s only him that the audience sees. Otherwise, it would be nothing different than just projecting the video of him at his studio.

Another thing would the latency. If the hologram Jimmy Kimmel is to interact with the Nashville audience, it will have to be in real-time, without any perceivable delay, preferably in milliseconds. To accomplish this, you need to have an optimized media server network, which  doesn’t come this way out-of-the-box. It would require a specialist who knows what the art of optimizing a server just right.

All in all, if done well, a hologram is the closest thing to the “parallel universe” that we see in science fiction movies, being at two places at the same time. With the advancement in holographic technology and especially in live-streaming technology, we will see more of these live holographic streaming events that bring people together in a, well, surreal way.



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