Paradigm Player 3D

If you haven’t heard yet, Papervision3D is the way of the future for Flash design. It’s true, I read it in a blog somewhere. Papervision3D is now allowing the Flash community to bring the Rich Media experience to a whole new level.  With that in mind, Influxis’ new Research & Development department has developed the Paradigm Player 3D, marrying Papervision3D with streaming media.  Yes, Influxis has an R&D department now, we’re that cool.

This is an Alpha release to test your response, and to let you test drive your videos in the Third Dimension.  With this being the first release, it’s only loading 6 FLVs at the moment.  In the next release it will be possible to load MPEG4′s, MP3′s (with a cool 3D audio visualizer), and MOVs.  I’m not releasing the code yet, due to the fact that I really need to clean it up.  I promise that I’ll release the code with the next release (Open Source style with probably an MIT license), but until then I hope you enjoy playing with this, and by all means if you have any ideas for added functionality/awesomeness, please tell us.  I look forward to releasing more experiments in the near future.

And I would like to give a big shout out to the Jedi Flash Master Seb Lee-Delisle for taking time out of his very busy schedule just to help me optimize this.  While I’m at it, I would also like to thank head Influxis dudes Richard and Jerry for giving me the opportunity to work on exciting projects like this.  And I would like to thank the academy, god, and my baby’s mama.

Download Source Files >>

View the Paradigm Player 3D >>

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