Get to know our VP of Business Development, Wesley Daggett. A career man at Influxis with nearly 7 years of experience, you’ll be inspired by the client projects he touches. You’ll also be delighted by his humorous gift of gab and cosmopolitan experiences.

What’s happening today?
I’m working on progressing a few opportunities, namely a streaming project for Deadmau5. I can’t say very much because of NDA’s but it involves a panoramic stream from inside a car. Another one involves a unique real time communication (RTC) experience internationally between 4 flagship retail stores, and another involves a new skate park opening in the UK.

You have a lot of stuff going on? Is this the way your days usually are?
Yes, more often than not. There’s always stuff going on. Exciting stuff, of course. It’s always either busy, or very busy, which is a good thing.

What is most exciting about it?
Being able to work with a team of passionate innovators and technologists, and ultimately using our technology and solutions to work with really great artists, brands, agencies, et cetera, helping them to do something fresh and different.

What is one of the most exciting projects you’ve worked on?
The Bud Lights Superstition Machine on for Monday Night Football is one. Bud Light is an awesome brand and it was an innovative project. It’s between that and the Google Chrome Web Lab which was actually two projects in one.

One part was web-connected musical instruments in the London Museum of Science for both online users anywhere in the world, and people physically in the museum, both being able to control the instruments and make music together in real-time. The other part was 360-degree panoramic live streams from three different parts of the world streamed directly to the Chrome browser. No plugins. No third party players. Straight to the browser. At the time that had not been done before and Google was very keen on doing it so we were really excited to be able to pull it off.

Another one I have to highlight is Nick’s First Pitch. We teamed up with our partners at Deeplocal and Venables Bell & Partners and allowed a young kid, Nick LeGrande who had a rare sickness called aplastic anemia, a life-threatening blood disorder, remotely throw the first pitch at an Oakland A’s game from the Google Fiber office in Kansas City. He threw the pitch via a real baseball in a miniature baseball stadium, which triggered a sensor which in turn triggered a pitching robot in the A’s stadium 1,800 miles away. Nick was live streamed to the jumbotron screens at the A’s stadium, and the stadium was live streamed to Kansas City on a large projected display, creating a telepresence-like experience. That was amazing on many levels.


Nick Legrande remotely  throwing first pitch at A's game 1800 miles away,
Nick Legrande remotely throwing first pitch at A’s game 1800 miles away,


Do you enjoy meeting clients face to face?
I love it.

I’m sure you’ve traveled quite a bit as part of your job. What are your favorite places you’ve traveled to as part of your work?
It’s impossible to pick an absolute single favorite. But Amsterdam, New York City, Toronto, and Pittsburgh are up there.

That’s a pretty big selection there…
Yeah, if I had to narrow it down further, it would be NYC and Amsterdam.

If you had to pick one to live in, which one would it be?
At this point I would say New York City, but Amsterdam is a close second.

Why New York?
Just because of how dense it is, everything is super high rise. There is so much to do within just one square block.

What’s your most memorable experience in New York City?
Most memorable…? It will have to be off the record…. <Laughter>
I’d say the recent trip to the Digital Hollywood NYC Media Summit. The summit itself was great and I was able to get a few off site meetings lined up for each day there. So it was meeting after session after meeting after session with very little downtime. That was fun. And it was fun being able to take a taxi a few minutes downtown and be at McGarryBowen’s elaborate office space, then go back up another few minutes and you’re at some swanky lounge getting drinks with another client. It was a whirlwind of culture too which made it lively.

If you had to pick between NYC and where you live now, which one would you rather go live?
I think L.A. will always be home to a certain degree, but I wouldn’t mind spending a year or two or three venturing out and living in some different cities.

You don’t have any family tying you down?
Nope. No wife, no girlfriend, no pets, and for some strange reason I never get sick. I love meeting new people, and trying new cuisines, new experiences, lotions, creams…<laughs>

What is your favorite cuisine?
Again, it’s hard to say one thing is the absolute favorite. My mother makes a great brisket every once in a while, it takes two days to make it or some ridiculous amount of time. There’s not too much I don’t like though, I’m open to experiences even if it turns out to be something I may not try again.

You’re known to have an excellent palette. What restaurants would you recommend in New York or Los Angeles?
It is well known that I have a well-trained palate and a very mature tongue. Actually even as I was an infant the doctors noticed it – I think I was only a few hours old, so…<smiles>

But in L.A., there is so much, it is very diverse in cuisines. There’s a lot of really good Mexican, a handful of good French restaurants, Italian, gourmet burgers – there’s a lot. I could eat gourmet burgers every weekend, you know? Haven’t spent enough time in NYC to tell you the best places but if I had to make a game time decision, Lillie’s Times Square is a nice option. Did I answer your question?

Yeah, what about your favorite beer?
If you’re going California local…Firestone in northern California brews a great double barrel ale, Lagunitas is another good brewery in Nor Cal. A Southern California beer…trying to think here….STONE! Stone IPA. They’ve got a wide and unique selection, but for some reason, I catch myself more often with their IPA. It’s more common, more places carry it, and it has a little more alcohol content in it, it gets you a little loose, and you know….







Future plans?
Well, we just recently opened up a San Francisco branch office. I think next would be a New York space. I think that’s in the cards for the next 2-3 years.

You might find yourself there in New York?
Quite possibly…

Can you do a lot of bicep curls?
42,000 the last time I counted.

Sure, maybe divided by 1,000…

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  1. George Daggett

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    Very proud of you Wesley Jordon! Miss and love you so much….


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