Thanks to two of the world’s top tech companies, the Internet is truly becoming worldwide, and its impact on streaming will likely be monumental.

The recent news on Google’s Project Loon and Facebook’s plan to use drones in providing the Internet connectivity have fueled conversations on the heralded concept of “Internet Everywhere”. Project Loon involves high-altitude balloons in providing the Internet to remote areas while Facebook’s Connectivity Lab is exploring the usage of drones, satellites and lasers. Even as the American politicians squabble over Net Neutrality, these companies are actually planning on bringing the joy of the Internet to all four corners of the world. It’s true that they make billions from us through advertising, but at the same time, they are spending millions in bringing us together virtually, in the hope of making the world a better place.

So, where does streaming fit into this grand scheme of the connected world? Right in the center of all things. The streaming technology continues to evolve, as demonstrated by the recent development of HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding, aka H.265) that can make for the delivery of better video with less bandwidth than the currently available standards. This means, in the near future, even with a marginal Internet speed, people will be able to enjoy video content, especially on their mobile devices. So, when Google and Facebook bring the Internet to the most remote parts of the world, those who live in these areas will definitely be able to join the ever-growing online video community. They will not only consume video content but create them as well.

As awesome as the photos are on Instagram, Pinterest and other social photo platforms, people are naturally drawn more to videos. With the proliferation of short-form videos that are especially convenient to consume on mobile devices, the only barrier that these videos had in reaching their audiences was the Internet connectivity itself. Now, thanks to Google and Facebook’s ambitious plans of bringing the Internet to every person in the world, this barrier is finally falling. And the very idea of “Netizens”, the citizens of the Internet, is becoming a reality worldwide. As the online videos expand to the far reaches of our world, what comes next will be the proliferation of interactive experiential videos, further engaging the truly global viewers.

It’s a great time to be in the streaming business. And Internet Everywhere is exactly what we’ve been waiting for.

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  1. Josh

    Does Influxis support h.265 HEVC streaming? And if not, when do you foresee it being available?



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