Eric Schmidt, Google Executive Chairman, is known to speak his mind, and this time he’s making a prediction that is quite unrealistic yet dogmatically valid. Reported by Doug Gross at CNN in his article “Google Boss: Entire World Will Be Online By 2020”, Schmidt said that the whole world will be connected via the Internet by 2020.

Now, as the article puts it, considering the current state of third world countries where electricity may not even be available yet, his prediction is very unlikely. But I agree that this kind of audacious vision is what drove Google to the epitome of the technology world today. You must dream big to achieve something big.

The article also says that 38% of the world population is currently on the Internet, and you can bet your life that this number will grow. Whether it hits the magical 100% mark as Schmidt predicts or not, the bottom line is that, in all practicality, “all” of our lives will be intimately connected to the Internet more so than ever before.

And for us, the streaming professionals, we couldn’t ask for more. As the Internet evolves to become more ubiquitous and powerful, there’s no denying that online video will become more relevant in everyday lives. Just look at the number of views of Psy’s new music video “Gentleman” on YouTube: 51 million views in 40 hours! That’s 7 school bus loads of students tuning in to watch the video every second! And beyond these entertaining YouTube videos, online video is also used for sharing world-changing news, promoting global brands and launching the next big startups. There’s also a whole spectrum of RTC (Real-Time Communication) possibilities, especially in the wake of the recent “WebRTC Revolution” fueled by Google. Now, that’s the power of online video!

So, if you are even remotely related to anything creative, you’ll be doing yourself a favor to seriously consider all things online – live and interactive streaming, multiuser Web experiences and other online initiatives such as real-time communication – as part of your creative endeavor. Just imagine: The whole world interacting with your online video in real-time!

While traditional on air video’s reach is limited since it’s delivered over the interference-prone radio waves to TV sets, online video could soon be seen by the world’s farthest reaches in an instant, thanks to this meteorically expanding worldwide network of servers called, the Internet.


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