This is a quick tutorial on how to set up the Tricaster with an Influxis account.  The first step will be to set up a new application directory to connect to within the File Manager.  This can be done by logging into your Influxis Wizard and navigating to “New App Builder” within “Tools.”

Once you have created a directory copy the rtmp connection path (i.e., rtmp:// you are ready to launch the Tricaster.  When you first launch the Tricaster you can browse to the “New” button and create a new live session. From there you can click the “Live” button and “Start Live Production.”


 Once you have created a new session and started that session you will be directed to a new page, and to connect the Tricaster to your Influxis account simply click on the “Wrench” tool next to the “Stream” button.

Another page will open up and simply click the “New” button next to the “Connection” dropdown and choose Adobe Flash feature.  This will allow you to enter your rtmp connection, stream name, and configure your streaming profile:

Once you have set up everything properly simply close the page and it will automatically save, then click the “Stream” button on the previous page:


You should be all set up to stream using Influxis and your Tricaster happy streaming!

To Use FMLE Settings

If you have used the Adobe Flash Media Encoder in the past you can import your settings from the Live Encoder to the Tricaster as follows:

Within FMLE export your files by clicking the “File” dropdown and the “Save Profile.”

This will allow you to save your FMLE preferences to your local machine (Desktop).  From here you can click the “Wrench” button and open the streaming configuration page and click the “Import Settings” button and select the according file:

We hope that this is useful and if you need any further assistance or guidance let our support team know at

~ Curtis

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