Don’t freak out! It’s not a hacker link! We recently began using our new URL shortener “” to brand the video links instead of URL’s.

How It Works

Click open any media file in your Video Manager, and click the ‘Share/Embed’ tab. There you will see two URLs: Video URL and Video Fullscreen URL. Click either one to view, and copy/paste to share among viewers via your website or social media platform, or grab the embed code for placement on your website.


Video URL:

Video Fullscreen URL:

The shortener will also appear in the Live Broadcast section.

influxis URL shortener - Live Stream
The URL shortener appears in the Live Broadcast section too.

What About my Old Links?

Be sure to note that the shortener will only appear on newly encoded videos and on newly created streams. Any older encoded videos and stream created prior will still use the link created at that time. So if you’ve already used those links and embedded them or have shared then, don’t worry, those links will still work and are completely operational as they’ve always been. Only new videos and streams will use the URL shortener.

Please let us know if any questions.

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