This Labs post is to show you how to create a live stream with the Flash Media Live Encoder and our Influxis OSMF Player.

Let’s set up FMLE to connect to a specific application directory, using the “FMS URL” field, as follows:


In the “Stream” field, continue to use “livestream” (without the quotes) for illustration purposes.


Now login to your Influxis account and click on “Influxis Player Builder” under TOOLS in the left column.  The first time that you do this, an application directory named “InfluxisPlayer” will be automatically created within your File Manager.


Second, skip uploading a video and navigate to section 3 (Publish) scroll down to the bottom and click on the “Download” button to download and save the “” file to your local computer.

After you unzip the “” file, you will see the following files:

Right click on the “settings.xml” file and open using Notepad in Windows or TextEdit on a Mac.

At line 11 in the “settings.xml” file, you will see the RTMP connection path that will be pre-set with your Influxis account ID and the application directory will be pre-set to “InfluxisPlayer”:

<rtmp path=”rtmp://” skin=”skins” />

Starting at 3 lines from the bottom of the file, you will see the following:

<file file=”” startTime=”0″ autoDetect=”true” image=”” availableControls=”play,rewind,seek,time,duration,volume,fullscreen,stop” inverseCurrentTime=”false” isDVR=”false” isLive=”false” isMulticast=”false” maxDVRCache=”180″ youtubeQuality=”medium” aspect=”letterbox” smoothing=”true” />

There are only two small changes that you need to make.  First, in the  file=””  parameter, enter the name of your live stream that you provided in the “Stream” field of FMLE (in our example above, we used “livestream”).


Next, change  isLive=”false”  to  isLive=”true”  and you are done!

Now upload the InfluxisPlayer files to a common folder location on your web server.  To embed a Flash object, such as the InfluxisPlayer, into your existing webpage, open (using Notepad in Windows or TextEdit on a Mac) the “InfluxisPlayer.html” file.  Then copy the content between and including the <object> and </object> tags and paste/embed it into your existing webpage, where desired.

Now you have successfully set up the Influxis Player to broadcast a live stream, happy streaming!

~ Curt

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