We did it once again. Streaming Media Magazine named Influxis as one of the 100 companies that matter most in online video in 2014.


As the leading magazine in the streaming video industry, it annually selects one hundred companies that are shaping and innovating the ever-changing industry. The list includes top technology companies such as Apple, Adobe, Google, Microsoft and Sony.

Eric Schumacher Rasmussen, Editor of Streaming Media said, “This year’s Streaming Media 100 is a diverse bunch, as diverse as the industry it represents. The one thing every company on the list has in common is that they’re committed to innovation and moving the industry forward. These are the companies that are here for the long haul, and our congratulations go out to all the members of this elite list.”

At Influxis, we push the boundaries of streaming through web-connected IoT (Internet of Things) robotics, creative UGC (User-Generated Content), social media-powered interactivity, real-time virtual collaboration, WebRTC (Real-Time Communication) and other cutting edge technologies. And we are delighted to share the spotlight with these other innovative companies.

Some of the exciting and innovative interactive streaming projects that we’ve been involved with include:

Verizon – SocialImprint
Various tweets were aggregated in real-time and put through a specially developed data visualization algorithm to create a one-of-a-kind fabric pattern, which was then used to create a real set of clothing.

San Pellegrino – Three Minutes To Italy
The online users were able to control a pair of wheeled robots over the web for a three-minute tour around a beautiful Italian town and mingle with the locals.

Google Chrome Web Lab – Universal Orchestra
This London Science Museum exhibit enabled the visitors and the online users via the web to play musical instruments together in real-time.

Yamaha – Elton John RemoteLive Concert
Elton John played one hundred RemoteLive Disklavier pianos all over the world at the same time via the web.

Our innovation is continually fueled by our customers thinking up new ways to stream videos and beyond. And for that, we salute you!

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