Difficulty: easy


Once you have signed up for an account at Influxis and downloaded the Influxis Mobile Caster to your mobile device, then you can (1) launch the app, (2) sign into Mobile Caster with your influxis.com account login credentials, and (3) start your live broadcast with a couple clicks. You can also use your RTMP ID path to log.

Below is the Mobile Caster button layout.


With the Influxis Mobile Caster interface you can easily change the settings, flip your camera, change the volume and share your stream with Twitter and Facebook.

When you select the setting button on the left you can change your stream name, select if you would like the video recorded to your Influxis account, change your stream name message and adjust the video quality settings.

Every different stream name will create a new http://bit.ly/.

Record Options:

Disable will not save any recoding to your Influxis account.

Copy will create a new file every time you start and stop a stream.

Overwrite will overwrite the same stream name.

Append will write over the last stream saved.

 Select the share button to connect your stream path to Twitter, Facebook or use the links button to find your http://bit.ly/XXXXX

Hit the play button and you are streaming live. The button will turn red when you are streaming.

Next up I will show you how to create a playlist.

Happy Streaming!


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