Many have found live event streaming to be quite easy to setup using Influxis with the NewTek TriCaster.

Here’s a quick and easy step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Create an Influxis account.
  2. Write down your host address, user name and password found on Influxis Wizard.
  3. From the TriCaster’s Record/Stream tab, select a stream type (e.g. Flash, 29.97 fps, 480×270, 512 kbps, H.264).
  4. Type in your host address, stream ID, user name and password.
  5. Click “Stream”.

And that should do it!

TriCaster/Influxis customers found this setup to be very easy-to-use and reliable, and have expressed excitement about the fact that Influxis can stream to all mobile devices as well, including the Apple iDevices, Android, Blackberry, and others.

The Influxis Wizard also provides streaming analytics such as data transfer, number of viewers, geographic locations, etc.

Yahama uses TriCaster-Influxis combination and has this to say about it:

“Our experience with the TriCaster was really ‘trial by fire’. We received the TriCaster Pro on Friday and were broadcasting a highly-produced, 3-camera, live concert on Sunday. The production wouldn’t have been possible without the plug-and-play connection to Influxis and the great service that we received from their team,” commented Jeff Hawley, Director of Customer Experience Group, Yamaha Corporation of America.

If you need any further assistance setting up your Influxis account to work with your TriCaster, feel free to contact us at

Currently, Influxis is sponsoring NewTek’s TriCasts America Varsity Tour that features a specially customized Mini Cooper for live streaming as shown below. More information at

NewTek Mini Cooper - Fall Varsity Tour_Dallas

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  1. Lazer Epilasyon Adana

    See what could be the world’s SMALLEST high def, live production vehicle showing you the power of portable, live production and streaming. Packed into a MINI Cooper, the NewTek team makes its way across America.


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