This tutorial will explain how one could stream live with our MobileCaster App (available on Android and Apple devices) while using our TV Station 2 App.




Influxis Portal Account.

MobileCaster App.

TV2mobile.zip (only found in this blog post!)


Rolling Rock.


1) First begin by downloading the TV2mobile.zip.

2)  Open your old instance of TV Station via  SFTP and find tvstation_admin.swf and tvstation_viewer.swf files and replace them with the new tvstation_admin.swf and tvstation_vewer.swf found in TV2mobile.zip.


3) Log into your account via SFTP.

4) Navigate to the FMS Apps folder, open it and inside create a new titled TV2Mobile.


5) In TV2Mobile, drag and drop the main.asc file from the TV2mobile.zip.

6) Also, in your new folder create a folder titled streams.

7) Inside of streams create another folder titled channel0 (’0′ refers to the number not the letter!)

8) Inside of channel0 create a folder titled _definst_.

9) Open the settings.xml file inside of  TV2mobile.zip and change the RTMP to reflect your Address located inside of the SFTP Access page within the Dev Center page of the Portal.

*Note: when changing the RTMP you must keep ‘rtmp://’ prepended and ‘/NameOfNewFolder‘ appended.


10) Log into MobileCaster App by typing the same RTMP path (as you have it in your settings.xml) into the username field and click the Sign In button.

11) Begin broadcasting with your MobileCaster App on your mobile device.

12) Next, open up your TV Station 2 Admin on your computer and click on the Live tab.

13) Click Enable to broadcast and voila’.


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