Influxis provided live streaming to virtual reality (VR) headsets from multiple cameras for an AT&T sponsored concert featuring Imagine Dragons and Weezer. AT&T commissioned our partners at Real Time Immersion ( to bring a virtual reality fan experience to the March Madness Music Festival AT&T Block Party event held on April 3, 2015, at White River State Park in Indianapolis.

Hundreds of Weezer and Imagine Dragons fans waited in line to get into the AT&T Fan Zone tent to get the ultimate virtual front row and onstage experience by donning one of several VR headsets. The experience allowed the VR viewers to experience the concert from several different angles, including from the foot of the stage and also behind the drummer, and the viewer could look all around in a 360 degree view in real-time giving the viewer the impression of actually being at the event with the “best seat in the house”.

Fan Enjoying concert

Influxis provided the custom low-latency CDN for the live and real-time streaming connectivity. The Influxis CDN ingested three of RTi’s immersive streams (two 180 degree streams for stage front left and stage front right, and one 360 degree stream for stage rear), transcoded the streams, and then delivered them to VR headsets via RTi’s proprietary mobile streaming video player.

With hundreds of fans getting a chance to virtually participate in the ultimate fan experience, it was grand success for all parties involved.


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