Gotta admit, Google is powerful. It made Google Glass into a household name simply with its marketing prowess when the product isn’t even in the market. Sure, we had digital watches for ages, and even the Apple iPods can be worn in various ways, but Google Glass somehow ushered in this new era of wearable technologies, or at least people perceived it to be. People are talking about not only its functionalities but also its social implications. Now that’s some serious impact to the society, again, for a product that most of us haven’t even had a chance to see in person yet.


The question that many of us are asking now is: Where do we go from here? Will Glass be a part of everyday life? Will it become so ubiquitous that people won’t even notice the strange device on one another’s head? Depending on the answers to these questions, Glass will either become the savior or the sacrificial lamb of wearable technologies.

As a communication platform, I’m not sure it’s revolutionary. Rather, I’d say it’s more evolutionary, moving from smartphones that are an arm’s length from our eyes to literally right in front of our eyes, well, at least our right eye. Smartphones were revolutionary because they enabled people to connect to the Internet like never before, and it changed the world. It changed us. But Glass? I’m not so sure. Yes, it’s convenient to see things without holding onto anything and activate many functions via voice command, but other devices do that too, like an Xbox console. It does some of the things that smartphones do with a very different UI, which some say is not very intuitive. Sure, I’m not fortunate enough, or insider-enough, to test Glass, so I may be clueless of its potentials, but that’s just how I see it.

From another perspective, that of a streaming professional, it’s intriguing to see yet another video platform that seems well integrated into our everyday lifestyle. It may offer us some unique, creative and interactive ways to deliver video. That’s exciting.

Whether we admit it or not, the next era of wearable technologies is here; and indeed Glass has opened its door. But will it reign supreme? With other glasses-based devices already coming into the market, it’s a difficult call to make. We’ll just have to wait and see what the wizards of Menlo Park do with Glass and beyond, and I’m sure they’ll surprise us.

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