Seantronic R&D, yo!

I know a lot of you have wanted to play with Flash Lite 3 and experience the joys of seeing your work on a mobile device, but who has the time?  Well, apparently, I do.

It’s theorectically easy to get FMS and Flash Lite 3 up and running.  Why I say theorectically is because I’ve already had issues with getting my Nokia N95 up and streaming.  I’ve also heard that it is a problem localized to Nokia phones.  Here’s the issue:  you would think to move over your application into your Phone Memory(C:)/Data/Other folder, and just fire it up from your Gallery section.  Wrong (cue silly trombone music) thanks for playing.  If you were like me, you would’ve been staring at the loading screen for what seemed to be hours thinking to yourself, “I know I’m in Albuquerque, but this connection is ridiculous!”

Well, it’s beyond ridiculous, the connection doesn’t exist.  In order to allow flash player to connect to the Mobile interweb on a Nokia you have to press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, Start (if you got that joke, congratulations, you are old like me).  Here’s the actual secret mojo that you have to perform:  create a new folder labeled Trusted in your C:/Data/Other and place your .swf in there.  Then (if you’ve done everything correctly), you should be asked which connection the device should use to access the internet.  And voila!  You are almost done.

This code that I am including is only the client side.  What you’ll need to do is also do some server side magic (bandwidth profiling manually due to the native bandwidth check not working with Flash Lite 3), and developing video for the right bitrates.

If anyone is interested in the clientside stuff, leave some comments, and I’ll post that at a later date.

Download tutorial FLV

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