Here is a tutorial to stream a live event with your New Wizard account to all devices using FMLE 3.2 with live packager. This will enable your stream to be viewable to all devices.

Difficulty: Beginner

  •     A New Influxis Account.
  •     Adobe Flash Media Encoder 3.2. with AAC.

Open a web browser, and browse to the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder page,

Download and install the Flash Media Live Encoder.


  •  Flash Media Live Encoder is free, but you need an Adobe account (also free) to download it
  • Open the Flash Media Live Encoder config.xml file in a text editor. The default installation location is:Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2.  Macintosh: Applications:Adobe:Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2.  Set the value of the following <enable> element to true:



Click OK to save the setting and return to the main page. The value of the Preset list changes to Custom.

  • In you New Wizard select account settings and note your RTMP ID. (EXAMPLE Your RTMP ID is:
  • Start  FMLE 3.2 on your computer to begin setting up your live stream.
  • On the Encoding Options tab, in the Preset list, click High Bandwidth (800 Kbps) — H.264.


  • On the Encoding Options tab, under the Audio check box, in the Format list, click AAC. (ACC is available for iOS and need to be purchased for Windows OS.)
  • In the Video section of the Encoding Options tab, click the wrench icon on the right side of the Format list to open the Advanced Encoder Settings dialog box.
  • In the Advanced Encoder Settings dialog box, in the Keyframe Frequency list, click 4 Seconds


You can also use a multiple of the value of the <FragmentDuration> element in the applications/livepkgr/events/_definst_/liveevent/Event.xml file. The default value of <FragmentDuration> is 4000 milliseconds (4 seconds).

FMLE2 Stream Path

  • Copy the value of the FMSURL key, for example, rtmp://
  • In Flash Media Live Encoder, in the Stream to Flash Media Server section, in the FMS URL field, paste the value of the FMSURL key that you copied from the Influxis Wizard portal and include /livepkgr. The /livepkgr is the application directory for your stream to connect to and converts you stream to be available to Mobile.
  • In the FMLE console, copy the value of the Stream key, livestream?adbe-live-event=liveevent&adbe-record-mode=record.

FMLE2 Stream Path


If you publish a live stream in record mode (adbe-record-mode=record), then stop the stream and restart it, Adobe Flash Media Server will delete the previous stream and start a new stream instead of appending to the previous stream when you restart. This is required for the shared accounts to enable HLS to stream again.

Now you are ready to  stream to with you New Influxis wizard using FMLE and live packager.

My next tutorial will show you how to stream your live event to all devices with the JW player.

Happy Streaming ~ Robert


4 Responses to “FMLE Live Packager Set Up With The New Influxis Portal To Stream To PC And Mobile”

  1. Jermaine Maragh

    where is part 2 to this tutorial, to stream live to jw player 6?

  2. Scott Clary

    Is there any way to stream directly to mobile devices instead of having to navigate to the stream on a browser?

    IE: A mobile app that can use a stream URL from within the app instead of Safari or Chrome…

  3. Glen Howard

    where is PART 2, “live to jw player 6?”

  4. prabhakar

    is there any chance to replace aac with mp3 for mobile streaming as aac is not free for windows. or any other free audio codec which can be used for live streaming playable in mobile devices.


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