Flash Gaming Summit

Influxis is sponsoring another new conference called Flash Gaming Summit. This is a one-day conference taking place in San Francisco on March 22nd, 2009 which is one day before the Gaming Developers Conference (GDC) begins which is also in San Francisco.

Here’s the official description:

Flash Gaming Summit is a one day conference dedicated to fostering the growth and success of the Flash games community. Flash games are immensely popular and reach a rapidly [growing] audience of one in three Internet users each month. This conference will bring together leaders in the Flash game space to share industry insights and strategies for monetization, distribution and analytics.

And here’s who should attend:

  • Game developers and Flash artists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketers and advertisers interested in games
  • Flash portal and gaming website owners
  • Technologists
  • Business development and venture capitalists
  • Representatives from companies in the gaming and social media space

If you want to attend this cool event, use our discount code for 15% off and feel free to share it with friends, co-workers and anyone else! Visit http://fgsummit.eventbrite.com to register and use discount code: influxis

Want to go”¦for FREE?

Influxis has two free passes and we’ll give them to the first two people who submit a Flash Media Server enabled game to Influxis Labs.  The game must be compatible with Flash Media Server and Influxis FMS hosting service and the files will be posted on Influxis Labs and available for download.  Please submit game files to: support@influxis.com

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  1. Clora Cassaro

    Very Nice Read! Looking forward to more Bookmarked your blog. Was just curious if anybody could point me to some related material. Thanks in advance.

  2. CamelThrow

    Who played Portal 2,can you confirm the rumors that its a crappy cosnole port ? I hear that you cant even change video settings.


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