About the project

Expertbooth.com is a live expert advice platform where customers can live chat via video, voice or text with experts on any topic, such as finances, legal, health, technology, education, spirituality and counseling. To provide a robust live user experience for its customers, Expertbooth utilized the Adobe Media P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Server hosting from Influxis.

Unlike the traditional live chat setup where a media server handles all client-computer requests, the P2P server simply authenticates the requesting client-computers and initiates the “handshake” between them, so they can communicate directly without the need of the server. This results in minimum bandwidth usage and ultra low latency which is the key factor in live online chats.

“Right from the start, we were impressed by the prompt pre-sale responses to our pressing questions. We have found the service itself to be extremely easy to set up and use. The account dashboard is very helpful, too,” said CJ Singh, Expertbooth founder & CEO.

Influxis also helped Expertbooth save time and money during development through easy server configuration and administration, along with world-class technical support. Expertbooth powered by expert streaming, now that’s a winning formula.

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