HTML5 allows for streaming to desktop and mobile devices including tablets and phones, and nearing 2014, the ability to readily create and consume streams on the go is no big surprise. The question remains as to how a beginner or even an intermediate-level user can take full advantage of this technology.

Having a streaming URL such as a or using an iframe are two excellent methods through which you can share your content. We provide these avenues on your hosted videos page, which you an access by clicking on the “Videos” tab above. As a third option, I will provide a simple way to embed your VOD content hosted with Influxis. Embedding with generated code will allow for creative custom setups that users of all skill level can utilize.

We’ll begin by visiting the following link:

1. Scroll down and locate these fields.

Michael Kashiktchian 1

2. Find your Account Settings page by clicking on your username at the top right-hand corner of the screen. You will see your RTMP ID here, circled below. Note this ID for the next steps.

Michael Kashiktchian 2

3. In the “Videos” tab at the top, select the video that you wish to embed. The player will pop up as displayed below; note the stream name, circled in red, exactly as it appears.

Michael Kashiktchian 3

4. Enter the required information you obtained from the previous steps into the fields below. While “RTMP” and “Stream Name” are the most essential fields, you also can adjust the size of the player, add an image URL that serves as a thumbnail or “poster,” pick a distinct player skin, display the bitrate calculator for testing purposes, select automatic play, or decide if you’d like the control bar hidden.

When finished, click the button, “Click For Your Stream.” The page will generate embed code for you, circled below, which you will copy and paste into your page. You can throw this code into a design application like Dreamweaver or even in a simple Notepad/TextEdit page with an .html extension.

Michael Kashiktchian 4

That’s it! Its simplicity is misleading since you can get as creative and complex as you wish. Yes, we love embed code too.

Happy streaming,

Michael Kashiktchian

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