So you may have heard that Domino’s is live streaming their pizza making skills straight out of a Salt Lake City store, and if you haven’t, then you’ve heard it here first:

And while that’s the corporate news version of the story, the best and most entertaining description of someone truly enjoying over an hour on this pizza making experience is written by Melissa Sullivan from

And if you simply want to see it for yourself instead of reading about it, check it here:

WARNING: it may cause you want to order a pizza – especially when you see them coming fresh out of the oven.

Hot pizzas coming out of the oven. Click to view live.
Hot pizzas coming out of the oven. Click to view live.

So could this be the next revolution in cooking shows? Just go online and experience not the cold distant past of a meal cooked for a 30 minute show months ago, but watch it live before your eyes and know that within minutes, that same food on your screen is coming soon to a hungry person near you. (Or just you)

We think this is going to be groundbreaking among ready-to-order foods – plus what else could it mean? What if you could go to your favorite restaurant, sit down and place your order, and then from your mobile phone watch your food being made in the kitchen before it comes to your table? What if this becomes such a trend, that you only go to restaurants where can see your food being prepared?

Now what can really become of food theater? It is no longer just ‘put in and order and forget about it’, but it could turn into the Teppanyaki of food ordering experience. Imagine how many new food-making celebrities and personalities can come of this?

We know Domino’s is just testing the concept, but it has the potential to do so much more, and could possibly even cause a shift in the American conscience about food preparation, and really turn it into a new form of entertainment. It also gives customers a personal connection to the brand.

What do you think of the potential of this idea and how it might be adopted in other businesses? Go ahead and watch it again right here:

Does it inspire you to produce a real-time live food show? Or simply order a Domino’s pizza?

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