The idea was brilliant. Enable people to sign into Facebook and remotely control a robot in real-time in Taormina, Italy, to mingle with the locals as if they were there. But bringing this interactive idea to reality was a challenge, especially in connectivity.

Controlling a robot (that is sometimes thousands of miles away depending on the location of the online user) over the Internet in real-time required a streaming server network with ultra-low latency. The network had to handle not only the data for the web-connected robotics but also the video chat, using the monitor attached to the robot, so that the online user could interact with whomever he or she encountered during the three-minute robotic excursion.

So, Influxis developed and deployed a custom streaming server network for the project, connecting American and European data centers. Then we optimized the network to provide  a flawless ultra-low latency user experience during the digital marketing campaign. We also developed and deployed a custom video player for the chat interface on the robot.

For more information on the project itself, CLICK HERE.

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