People usually celebrate Cinco de Mayo with families, friends and food. Miracle Whip had a better idea: A robotic pinata.

The pinata connected to a robotic pulley was in the shape of a Miracle Whip bottle, and next to it was a robotic bat that could be activated with a click of the space bar on the keyboard. Both robotic elements were connected to the Internet, so that online users could control them remotely in real-time.

During this live interactive campaign, people visited the “Miracle Whip Battle The Whip” website, waited in an online queuing system to get their turns to control either the pinata up and down, or the bat to swing at the pinata.

For this fun web-connected robotics project, Influxis optimized the connection between the robots and the web interface with our global streaming network infrastructure. Our top-to-bottom custom network optimization – that achieved a perfect union of hardware and software – enabled online users to activate the pinata and the bat in real-time, which was especially important since they were playing against each other remotely.

For more information about the project, CLICK HERE.

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