Google Fiber is all about speed. So when it came to fulfilling a sick boy’s dream of making the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game TELE-ROBOTICALLY, it had to be an instantaneous experience, with no perceivable delay.

Google Fiber turned their Kansas City office into a mock-up pitching mound with a large screen projecting the home plate of the Oakland Athletics Stadium in San Francisco 1,800 miles away. When the moment came, Nick threw a baseball onto the screen, and the sensor next to him remotely activated the pitching robot at the stadium, all in real-time.

For this heartwarming event, we worked hard in the background, custom developing and deploying an ultra-low latency network in conjunction with Google’s last mile fiber network for the web-connected robotics and live streaming. Our intricate real-time connection optimization between the sensor and the robot enabled a seamless web-connected telerobotic experience.

For more information about the project, CLICK HERE.

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